Done Right Tax Services prepares 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ tax forms, along with any other special tax accommodations necessary for file completion. Done Right also prepares small business returns and generates ‘Offer and Compromises’ to the IRS for possible debt reductions or settlements.

Through our advising services, we will consult, review, and assist with any and all IRS notices you receive, and ensure you fully understand and are equipped to take the correct actions.

In other words, we make sure your taxes are done right.

Our Services


Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the latest tax software is all you need for accurate income tax preparation. Get the financial benefits of having a real tax professional prepare your taxes.

Business Tax Preparation

Make sure your business is taking advantage of all available tax breaks from the State and the IRS. We prepare corporate tax returns and will make sure your business never overpays.

Tax Planning Services

We utilize tax credits and deductions in conjunction with a comprehensive tax planning strategy to minimize tax obligations for businesses and individuals.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

We confront IRS tax problems head on! If you’re experiencing tax problems, contact us right away for assistance with filing back taxes, releasing a lien or levy, reducing tax penalties, and more.